Migraines cured!

“I dedicate my healing to two beautiful ladies who have brought  this change in my life:  My cousin Sadhana for coming and staying with me during her treatment, and Rachna Chhachhi who has treated me and taught me to lead a real healthy life style…

I suffered from headaches and migraines since the age of 25 (for the past 20 years). It was genetic from my maternal side. Initially, doctors prescribed pain killers of all sorts — like Saridon, Disprin, Combiflam, Crocin, Nimulid, Suminat Forte. None of the pain killers could cure, they were just providing me temporary relief but the pain would come back, and my stomach lining got progressively weak…

The food- migraine connection is ignored by Doctors; but today I want to go back to each of them and enlighten them with this fact file…even reiki does not work. What several Doctors failed to cure, Rachna did it with grace…I started my treatment on Dec 29th (Rachna’s birthday!), and finally on 10th Feb, I found answers to my problem…

The use of strong analgesic medicines, drugs and tranquilizers can be avoided if appropriate dietary and physical therapies are put into practice.Allergic diseases like Asthma and Migraine are most likely to occur in night, when you are helpless, sometimes even alone at home…Today, I wake up with a fresh mind…and I know I’ve no more headaches and migraines. And my Family does not have to run around with cold packs and massages for me.

But alas! My Daily Bread is not mine any more! Can you believe that I am allergic to Yeast and Chocolates and I cannot eat Breads fermented with Yeast! And Ironically enough, I’ve been married to a Bakery Chef who specialized in chocolate confectionery in Switzerland, and we run a Bakery and Chocolate Unit, it has been our Profession, no doubt I had so many migraines…LOL…

The Cat is out…

Last but not the least – I’ve lost 4 Kgs; that’s a Bonus!!! I feel lighter

Rachna @ Thanks a Ton!”

— Sharmila Nisuda, 45

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