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nonbailableI work so seriously and hard all day, and my day begins and ends with healing chronically ill people or those who are battling lifestyle health issues. By the end of my day, I feel exhausted, drained. My work is noble and wonderful, but how do I make it fun? Apart from the wonderful interactions with my patients, going over health reports, making charts, diet plans, exercise plans, breathing exercises plans, meditation plans… was all making me a dull girl.

So I thought, why not combine my knowledge on rare diseases with some fiction? I know of beautiful and inspiring cases, but I also know of horrific cases, where loved ones let you down in your hour of need, or your inner strength gets squashed by the person most important to you. So I’m combining the good and bad, and have just begun my medical thriller book, one chapter at a time! Read it, give me feedback, and wait for the next chapters. Let the gruesome tales unfold!

Nonbailable is the story of a woman fighting a disease worse than cancer, when she discovers that the one man whose support she needed to get through at a time like this, is cheating on her.. What is this disease? Will she make it?

Read on to get your dose of thrills 🙂

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  1. Josbons says:

    I love your blog

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      1. Josbons says:

        You are welcome . I don’t know if you like movies but I have another blog about movies and check it out and let me know what you think about it in the comment box

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