30 days to a New You!

Sometimes it’s just the last 5 kilos. Sometimes you just need that push to get back on track. And often, the right advice can change your life.

The 30-day weight loss plan is exactly that. I have seen people lose anywhere between 3 to 11 kilos on this plan! You can sign up if you are facing any of the following issues:

  1. If you have been trying to lose weight but it is stuck
  2. If you have only the last 5 kg to go but nothing is working
  3. If you have been over exercising and wondering why the weight loss is not happening
  4. If you have your big event coming up in six weeks time and you need to look fit and lean with a glowing skin
  5. If you are low on energy
  6. If you have a health condition where you cannot exercise much but need to lose weight

The plan begins by a scientific detox that reduces your bloating and expels toxins from your body. It then starts reshaping your fat-muscle ratio to sculpt inch loss by changing the kind of foods you eat. You realise that there’s a lot to eat, sometimes much, much more than what you normally eat, yet, if you follow exactly as prescribed, you will begin to lose weight, your skin will start clearing up and your energy will increase! In short, you will learn a brand new way to lose weight, gain good health & keep the weight off. For just Rs 10,000!

The weight loss plan is based on scientific nutrition based principles that no 2 calories are created equal. It’s not how many calories you eat but what you choose, at what time of the day and what you combine with. Once you have followed and learnt these principles through our 30-day weight loss plan, you can continue these and never put the weight back on!

So fill up the form below, click to pay as per your option suitable to you, and get your plan in 2-4 working days. Please do both as we won’t be able to send you the plan till the form is not filled and payment is not done.

Happy slimming!

For $ Payments ($200)
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For INR Payments (INR 10,000)
PayUMoney (click on 30-day Weight Loss Plan Downloadable PDF)

Once you have made the payment, click on the password protected 30-Day Weight Loss Plan and start!

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