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Find your own purpose in life. Heal the world, sign up for my programs, listed below:

The Holistic Health Coach – Sign up here

This certification equips you to coach your family, colleagues, friends, or other people you care for, on the right lifestyle habits for everyone in the family – from ageing parents to young growing children and working spouses, on how to stay healthy. The course content covers:

  1. Understanding diseases – Video
    • How diseases take root
    • The basic principles towards keeping disease away
  1. Understanding Nutrition – Video
    • What nutrients are essential for good health
    • Research Papers
    • Life stage based nutrition needs
    • How to plan your meals nutritionally
    • Recipes to help you
  2. Self nurturing – Video
    • Why self nurturing is important for everyone’s health
    • What are the ways we can self-nurture
    • Self nurturing techniques for each family member
    • Research Papers
  1. Why exercise is important – Video
    • What are the right exercises for each family member
    • Research Papers
  2. Supplementation – Video
    • Why do you need supplements despite a nutritious diet
    • What supplements can you take and how?
    • Research Papers
  3. A sample meal & exercise plan for the family

Final Exam Paper I & II

Duration: 6 weeks or as per your own pace

Cost: Rs 25,000

 Sign up here

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