Order your copy of RESTORE to get good health!

rsz_restore_2nd_edition_cover_jRachna Chhachhi’s book, RESTORE, is available on these platforms. Order your copy today to get rid of lifestyle diseases!








Restore reviews:

“RESTORE brings a simple, manageable and measurable approach to leading a healthy life. It demonstrates to readers how to take control of their health and happiness.” – Siraj Chaudhry, Managing Director, Cargill Foods, India

”‘RESTORE went straight to the heart. Having struggled and waded over the years through hospitals, ‘eager to recommend battery of test’ GPs, specialists, healers, RESTORE takes away my helplessness and tells me that I can now be in control of my mind, body and wellbeing.” – Geetu Verma, Executive Director, Foods & Refreshments, Hindustan Unilever Limited

“Restore: Fighting away the inflammatory lifestyle.” – Business Standard 

“Pick up this handy, helpful book if you’re on your path to a healthier lifestyle.”  – Prevention Magazine

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