Heart Disease 

The Heart Disease Reversal Plan

Statistically, heart disease is the No: 1 killer disease in the world. In many cases, nothing is detected hence patients do not see symptoms coming on. A heart attack that comes when the patient is unaware, is often fatal especially if the person is below the age of 40. In most circumstances, this kind of death is completely unavoidable. So how do you ensure that you have a healthy heart? First of all, never wait for symptoms to strike. Start being proactive about your health after the age of 30.…

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Taking prescribed anti-clotting drug may help save stent patients’ lives

Date: May 28, 2014 Source: American Heart Association Summary: Thirty percent of patients who had just received a stent failed to fill their prescription for an anti-clotting drug within three days of hospital discharge. The risk of heart attack and death is highest for stent patients within the first 30 days for those who delay taking their medication. you’ve just received a coronary artery stent to prop open a blood vessel, your life may depend on filling your prescription and taking an anti-clotting drug within days of leaving the hospital,…

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