At 60, I have begun reversing my diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension

Hello, I am Nalini, a Sri Lankan living in London. When I first heard of Rachna through my sister I was into my 12th year as a high-risk patient in my GP’s list, taking high doses of medication for diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol amongst other aches and pains. All these ailments started after my laminectomy operation and thereafter thyroidectomy operation. I wrote to her from my London home: Please let me know if you think your treatment process can reverse my diabetes or other 2 diseases. I take the below tablets…

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Hypertension, cholesterol, uric acid reversed in 3 months

My wife and I met Rachna through a friend in December 2015. My wife at that time was taking medication for Psoriatic arthritis. I myself had been suffering from Vertigo for sometime along with Tinitus (continuous ear buzzing) and fluctuating blood pressure. Over the next few months, I started experiencing additional symptoms like extreme mood swings, panic attacks, not being able to concentrate, episodes of depression, continuous body and head aches, feeling of giddiness. Doctors did tests, I was told my symptoms were possibly stress related and anti depressants might…

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